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Discount Packs

Prepacked boxes/bags are mystery packs unless specified otherwise. We try to include a good mix (we wont put 3 yards of the same print in one PFRE) but we do not keep track of what we put into each pack and once it is sealed we won't re-open to see what is in it.

Mystery packs may have old strike offs of prints that didn't run or panels that had a design change or overruns from exclusive printings.  They may contain fabric from different printers and have a different base than our current printer.  If the fabric base is something other than Cotton Lycra it will be noted in the listing.  Typically a mystery pack will have all the same base, but if not, it will be noted in the listing.

Flawed packs contain flawed fabric and is marked as such.  

Flawed fabric is considered to be less than perfect and is sold as is.  The flaws themselves may or may not be specified.  Flawed does not mean damaged, it means that there was an error in printing.  This may be that the scale was off from what was intended or that there is a mark or a smudge.  The fabric itself is perfectly usable and has the same compliance as its nonflawed counterpart. 

Flawed fabric and mystery packs are NOT returnable.  

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